Thursday, October 25, 2007

3 Nehalem processors in Q4 2008

It looks like the eight core, sixteen thread Nehalem based CPUs will launch in 2009. According to the current plan Intel doesn’t intend to launch an eight core Nehalem in Q4 2008.

The top Bloomfield / Nehalem generation 45 nm CPU will meet the 130W TDP and is supposed to be the successor of soon to be launched QX9770, a 3.2GHz Yorkfield based CPU.

All new Nehalem CPUs will use the new socket LGA 1366 and have four cores and eight threads. This is understandable as the new Nehalem CPU supports DDR3 and has a memory controller on board.

All three CPUs to launch in Q4 2008 are codenamed Bloomfield but the slower parts are positioned as the ones that will replace sub 3GHz non extreme edition Yorkfield quad core parts.

Even these parts have 130W TDP and they supports Intel Visualization Technology, Intel's trusted execution and more importantly Spead step, executive bit and Intel’s 64 marchitecture.

All these CPUs are scheduled for Q4 2008 introduction.