Thursday, October 4, 2007

Apple gets sued over iPhone price cut

Now this is really funny news. As an early adopter, there are bound to be bugs and price cuts with regards to a new technology gadget. This is the disadvantage of being an early adopter, however one gets their hand on the latest gadget that not many people has (a boastful factor). Seriously i think that the lawsuit being filed against Apple is meaningless and bound to fail. In this case, Apple may sue back the former over tarnishing their reputation. Apple will do all they can to win this case if not others will do the same and sue Apple. This will be costly for Apple. Below is the funny news.

The price 'adjustment' that saw $200 being cut off the iPhone's price tag after just a couple of months from the official release has finally caught up with Apple. Affected by the hasty price cut and not happy by the $100 iTunes gift card Dongmei Li from Queens, New York has decided to sue Apple for $1 million in damages.

Filled on September 24, the new lawsuit claims that due to the massive and quick price cut of the iPhone Li could not resell the device without loosing a substantial amount of her investment. Li purchased a 4GB model for $499 and was left (as everyone else who bought the 4GB iPhone) with a shiny black device that was no longer produced and no $100 gift card. That's certainly worth $1 million in damages. Pay up Apple.

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