Wednesday, October 3, 2007

AMD Price Cuts

Ok. The price war is heating up again as the holiday season nears. It is usually during november till feburary where people change their aging or outdated PCs. As such it is ebb that prices are slash to increase sales. Come to think of it, price wars between chip makers are only going to benefit consumers as they will have more choices to choose from.

Compared to the 90s where Intel was the sole chip maker, the 20s is definitely much better. Back in those days, one would have to shell out at least $2000 for a PC compared to now in which one can practically get a PC for under $1000. Its always good that a certain market has competitors.

Well i do recommend anyone wanting to change his/her PC to consider AMD if you're on a budget, otherwise you can choose between Intel or AMD.

AMD is cutting prices on several of their high end Athlon 64 X2 parts next Monday. Here are the parts that are being cut with details below.
X2 5000+ Newegg current price $109.99
X2 5200+ Newegg current price $119.99
X2 5600+ Newegg current price $139.99
X2 6000+ Newegg current price $169.99
X2 6400+ Newegg current price $239

I would expect pricing drops to start happening early as we near the weekend.

As we begin a new quarter and prepare for the busiest time of the year, selected AMD dual-core desktop processors will have a reduction in suggested prices effective next Monday, October 8.

This will be a great opportunity to upgrade customers to dual-core, as the AMD Athlon™ X2 5000+, 5200+, 5600+, 6000+ and 6400+ processors all will feature new pricing. Please contact your authorized AMD distributor for specific pricing and availability details.

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