Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Intel Launches CoolSoftware Community Site


Intel has launched a new Web 2.0-inspired community site CoolSoftware (CoolSW) to gather information from users about software companies and technologies.

The site is similar to Digg, where users submit and vote for their favourite software company or product.

The categories in the site are: Digital Home, Mobility, Enterprise, and Healthcare, all of which are similar to the platforms Intel supports. The site also includes a category called “Other.”

The CoolSW is an online community about software where members post information about new software company and the community votes if they think the company is "cool."

Companies that receive the maximum votes get projected to the site's front page where any user can see what community members consider the most interesting software.

The forum was initially meant only for Intel staff, but the company made it public to increase its popularity. The RSS feeds feature enables users to keep up-to-date with new submission, tags, so that submitted companies are searchable by keyword.

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