Thursday, October 18, 2007

Microsoft Vista has a memory problem

MICROSOFT'S latest operating system, Vista is running out of memory faster than a politician in a corruption scandal.

According to users, the 'Out of Memory' error, which is the same as Terry Pratchett's 'out of cheese' error, is seriously stuffing up Vista's file handling.

The problem can be clearly seen when a user tries to copy 16,400 files or smaller groups of files that add up to 16,400 between reboots.

After you get the 'Out of Memory' message you will also suffer from menus and tabs disappearing within the Windows environment and even reboots and BSODs are reported.

The problem occurs where users are running Kaspersky security products, but it is not the software that is causing the problem. Other software also suffers but it seems that the Kaspersky software shows the error in its full glory.

The kicker is that despite Microsoft knowing about the problem for months it is not going to be fixed in SP1. Microsoft is currently offering a hotfix for the problem but you have to ask it nicely.

Users have also found some other file handling problems in Vista when it handles more than 1,500. A quick look at the memory use shows that it is causing serious spiking which does not go away until a reboot.

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