Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vista Add Linux Equals Vixta

Vixta: A Fedora Linux-based Windows Vista clone

Since everyone likes the new look of Vista with its Aeroglass feature, Linux has decided to implement it.

Vixta could be the Linux distribution with the smallest possible target audience ever: Linux users who love the look and feel of Windows Vista and wished their Linux desktops could look more like Windows.

Vixta is a Fedora-based distro with a custom KDE-based interface. You get widgets, a Vista-like start menu and taskbar, and evil looks from your die-hard open-source buddies. Under the hood, there's no mistaking Vixta for Windows. If you're a Linux user, that's probably a good thing, but somehow we doubt Vixta will convince many Windows users to switch to Linux.

You can't run Windows apps without the help of WINE, and while the menu system may look like Windows, all the underlying programs are Linux equivalents. That means you get Konqueror instead of Explorer, OpenOffice instead of Office, and Firefox instead of, well, Firefox. OK, maybe switching isn't really that hard, but try telling that to your grandma.

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