Friday, October 5, 2007

Sony plans to cut price of PS3 by Christmas

Sony plans to cut price of PS3 by Christmas

Ok!!! Now this is definitely good news to those who are playstation's fanboys. It seems that Sony has finally decided to slash prices to improve sales. As of now Nitendo Wii has seen the most sales compared to Microsoft xbox 360 and Sony playstation 3. Wii is currently holding top spot in the console market. Below is the news excerpt. Again, console price wars are benefiting consumers.

PARIS - THE Japanese group Sony is to cut the price in Europe of its new generation video game console PlayStation 3 (PS3) by 100 to 200 euros (S$209-S$418) in order to boost sales ahead of Christmas, a report said here Thursday.

A new model, equipped with a 40 gigabyte hard drive, will go on sale in Europe at 399 euros, 200 euros less than the current sales price of Sony's more powerful, 60-gigabyte device, which is already in stores, according to the newspaper Les Echos.

The more powerful version will see its sales price lowered by 100 euros to 499 euros, the paper said.

A Sony spokesman would not confirm the figures cited by Les Echos but said an announcement was 'imminent.'

After reducing the sales price of the PS3 by US$100 in the United States, Sony has made it clear it wants to take similar measures in Europe, where it is confonting competition from Nintendo's Wii, sold for 249 euros, and Microsoft's XBOX 360, which sells for 349 and 279 euros depending on the model. -- AFP

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